Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Reads

You might or you might not have heard of the Twitter Sensation Friday Reads?
Very simply put, each friday we share the novel we're currently reading. This can be done in Twitter or on Facebook, and it's fascinating to see what others are reading.

As for my Friday Read, still working my way through John Irving's latest. The first of his novels I'm trying my hands at, and I must say that it doesn't tend to go smoothly. I've been forced to read it slowly, you simply cannot rush this novel. Of course with having gone back to work, I haven't read as mush as I'd have liked.

Luckily it's the weekend now. I'm not hoping to have it finished, since I do have several other hobbies AND not to forget a husband who needs my love and attention.
Planning to read a little further in LotR as well. It's great to read chunksters (Novels over 600 pages) in a group. It becomes manageable that way and it truly enriches the experience if you have several opinions and point-of-views.

But more on Last Night in Twisted River, I'm not truly fascinated by the novel yet and I have, as of the new year, promised myself that if I've read 30% of a novel and it still doesn't cling to me, I'm abandoning it. I've been unable to do so for the better part of my life and I have struggled through bad works of proze because of it. This will give me more time to read the crème de la crème and not waste too much time on the lesser.

Well.. so far this update.
Have a great weekend!

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