Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 - Week 1 - Thursday - A happy New Year

It's a new year.
A year filled with new possibilities, new dimensions to explore, to experience the good, the bad and the ugly.

And of course promises to keep, secrets not to tell, stories to share and happiness to spread around.

I'm wishing each and every one of you, a happy 2017.

Mine started bleakly.
My grandmother, someone I care very much about, has fallen ill shortly before the new year and it's not going well.
It's a moment to realize what we already have and be grateful, instead of only trying to achieve more. I'm lucky to have her in my life, she has been my second mother when I was still a child, the one who has taught me that life is not for the fainthearted but that kindness goes a long way. I'm named after her, so whatever happens, I'll always carry some part of her with me.

In light of these events I haven't enjoyed the beginning of this new year as much as I should have, I haven't made any resolutions, I didn't spread to many best wishes around. I'm just a little superstitious and am anxious that with this bad news 2017 has gotten a false start. It doesn't feel like it will catch up, but that's probably just my worried mind talking.

But as far as my inclination for novels go, I'm still undertaking some major challenges this year.
I'm going for 48 books to read in 2017. Last year I set my goal at 50 books and didn't make it. I stranded at 43 books (mainly caused by Catch-22), so I gave myself a little slack, but not too much.
I'm already starting big with The Pillars of Creation, which is a whopper of nearly a thousand pages. Alongside that one I'm also reading JK Rowling's non Harry Potter book.. A Casual Vacancy. 
I also like to finish the challenge I've started a while ago, the centennial challenge, still 38 'years' to go. It's possible, but it doesn't leave much room for improvising.

Between those challenges and books I'm deciding if I should give the written novel a chance again, by which I mean something I'll write myself.
I've tried and abandoned it so many times before that I'm beginning to think I'll be a reader for life and not much more.
But my 10y old inner child would be furious, because she has ambition. So, it's there, peeking up when I'm not busy with life. Whenever I have a dull moment, she whispers ideas in my ear. I just never thought that the distance between thinking and doing would be so daunting.

But most of all I want 2017 to be a year of beginnings.
That's really all I ask for.

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