Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first post in my second blog

I suppose blogging is a little infectuous.

I started a blog a while ago, mainly going about my passion for cooking and baking.
Since I'm a versatile woman, I thought of broadcasting my other passion, as great as the first, too.

I've grown up with books, I'm reading since I can remember, collecting walt disney picture books from before I could read. Having had a grandfather whose favourite pastime was reading as well, I was well set up to inherite this particular love for the written word.

I've been reading my way through elementary school, highschool, college (part of it anyway) and at the moment happily working and reading (regretfully not at the same time, that would be something though, getting paid to read).

I've joined as many sites as there are concerning reading, but since you get lost in the crowd I decided to shout out this way. It could happen that it won't be read, but truthfully. Getting it out there is half the fun. Why? Because I get to read and write about reading, having someone read it is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the sole reason I'm doing this.

Well.. what will this blog be?
A mix of recommendations, reviews, experiences and all I can think off!

To get started, I'm reading two books at the moment.
The fellowship of the ring by Tolkien


Last night in twisted river by John Irving. 

Barely started in the second one, but the Fellowship is a reread. Hard to get into it though. The movie is getting the better of me. At this point in time, I might even daresay that I like the movie better than the book. It is so longwinded it truly is a pain in my ..

I'm also including a challenge, I've already begun on Goodreads, a wonderful website for fellow booklovers and I will keep that up to date here also.

Well.. I'm done for now. Let's see how this works, because between maintaining two books, I still need to work, keep a clean house and read a little.

Take care and read my lovelies read!