Saturday, May 28, 2011

Review of Twilight (BtVS Season 8)

Author: Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Brad Meltzer
Published in 2011
Thickness: 156 pages
Personal rating: 4 stars

I have slayed the rut of the three stars and given this a deserved 4 star rating!

I am a Buffy Summers fan from the first hour and was seriously stricken when season 7 proved to be the last televised (but thinking back, they did a good thing to end it on a high instead of just milking the cow until it's dry and it was really a great finale. Chosen has been one of my very favourite episodes of all time).
Then I read the news of an upcoming season 8, in comic style and I was thrilled all over again!. I'm not a comic reader but latest evolutions in the field, have made me one. Not only Buffy but also the graphic novels of The Dark Tower and The Stand (Stephen King). I even found out that my very favourite Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451) is up for it too.

I've read all of the comics from Season 8, and it started out strong. All the slayers having their powers, promised for a bad guy beyond imagination. Beyond 'The First' which had to be the biggest so far (although my favourite must be Glory (style and evilness in one move) (by the way: a great little reminder of glory in this comic I'm reviewing ^^).
And as promised, they delivered us 'Twilight'. No, not the Stephenie Meyer franchise but a really bad guy. Bad to the bone.
And as we follow the fight in every new graphic novel, we come upon a mesmerizing revelation. BIG SPOILER AHEAD!! 

Twilight is Angel.. (Yay, angel is back, always fancied him). And I must say the reaction of Buffy is somewhat surprising and yet not so strange after all.
I loved this seventh episode of Season 8. It is all a bit ethereal, but nonetheless very in the style of the buffyverse that has always been there.
Not much to say about style, it's pop culture references, jokes and references to the aired show which all brings back happy youth memories.
I was 13 when I first saw Buffy (on English television, barely understanding the words) and I'm now almost turning 27 and still a fan.
Being pregnant, I can not do but hope that when I give birth to a lovely girl (which is not certain yet, could be a boasty boy too!) is that I can inspire her to watch the series for herself, no matter how outdated it might be by then.. but the next picture says why..

No harm intended towards Twilight fans, just a personal opinion. :)

Well.. I've been a very busy bee reading wise and I'm not tired yet!