Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of Your Heart Belongs To Me

Author: Dean Koontz
Published in 2008
Thickness: 325 pages
Read in dutch
Personal rating: 2 stars

In short

Ryan Perry, at 34, is a young man – hardly of an age to be on a waiting list, nervously hoping for a heart transplant. Luck appears to be with him: he is the recipient of a new heart, and (fortunately) the transplant takes, triumphantly. But a year passes, and Ryan begins to receive gifts in the shape of hearts, sent anonymously. A feeling of paranoia sets in – and this feeling is exacerbated when a large amount of money vanishes from his bank account – it has been donated to a local hospital’s cardiology department. Needless to say, all of this is a prelude to something truly horrific: everything he owns – including his new heart – is to be torn from him, and he is informed he will die a grisly death. Who is Ryan’s tormentor? (

My two cents

Sometimes I dread the time when I need to write a review again, especially when the novel in fact is as bland and uninspiring as Your Heart Belongs To Me.  
Dean Koontz has been put against Stephen King, probably because they are both labelled horror writers and rank next to each other in the alphabetized racks in store and library. Koontz couldn't be closer to Stephen King as the moon is to the earth, at least going on my experience with him. 

Why read something of his then, you might ask? Well, a few weeks ago, there was a sale at the library and this novel happened to be in one of the boxes. Sad to say, it was the 2 euro I paid worth, but not a cent more. 

Reasons why I didn't like it? It was a story of a rich man, with a perfect life to whom something dreadful happens. Of course his money brings salvation, only a little more twisted then he had hoped for. Money can buy everything, but a clear conscience you might say. Saying more would be revealing the entire plot and you got a good teaser in the summary. So I rest my case and gladly go on to the next novel.

Worst of all though, now I'm stuck with a novel I can't return to the second hand bookstore since it got a big sticker of the library on its front, guess it will go the charity.