Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review of Around The World In 80 Days

In short

Phileas Fogg is a particular being, with peculiar habits and he wagers a bet that he can travel around the world in 80 days, in a time before aeroplanes.

My two cents

Jules Verne, a literary nostradamus, for many of his sci-fi novels became reality eventually, for example.. From The Earth To The Moon, Twenty thousand leagues Under The Sea,..
This novel depicts the story of a man quite strange in habit, undergoing a wager that he can cross the world in 80 days solely using that day and age means of transportation, being steamers, trains, etc...

His journey is one full of wonder, mishaps and lovely misunderstandings, that it is easy to read. I loved the easygoing style it is written in, which makes me want to read more of his work.
I haven't got a lot to say about it actually, because it travels at such a high speed that I didn't find time to reflect upon bad of good aspects of the novel.
Only the ending let me down a bit, too much of deus ex machina.

Personal rating: 3 stars
Page count: 288 pages
First published in 1873