Monday, December 10, 2012

Review of A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold

I can hear some thinking.. another Martin novel. Well, it's addictive, seriously time-consuming but most of all totally worth it.

After writing reviews of the three previous books, what more can I say about this one without giving away too much of the plot? It's not fun to read spoilers when you've just begun your journey through the seven kingdoms. I'll try not to give much away, and since it's been a good two weeks since I finished this one (already a good way into 'A Feast For Crows') that won't be as difficult as I let it seem.
Of course 'Blood and Gold' dives right in where 'Steel and Snow' ended, leaving the reader nothing to regret but too little time on their hands.

We continue to follow the stories of those that have become our allies, our enemies and some even both throughout the stories. Jon as he desperately defends the Wall from the wildlings, Tyrion as he tries to grasp what little power that he still has, Sansa with her longing for escape, Jaime and his love for his sister, Arya in the search of her family and other smaller parts in this great history.

It's an epic of unseen splendor, which is enjoying to read but also leaves me regretting that but a few fantasy novels can live up to this. When you've read the best, is it still worth it to read lesser stories? Something to ponder about.

A short review, mostly because this is in fact one long novel split into different novels (who wouldn't be intimidated by a five thousand page novel) so reviewing parts of it without spoilers isn't easy. I'm off to read some more.

Personal rating : 5 stars