Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review of A Dance of Dragons

Again a George R.R. Martin novel finished. It took me longer than I'd expected, maybe I prolonged it unconsciously because of the long wait for the next installment.

Dance of Dragons was every bit as good as the others. What more is there to tell of its magnifence, its radiance, its glorious existence? Not much. Read and become part of their world, I'd say.

A few things I didn't like as much was that in the beginning of the novel the characters showed up too much. The previous novel dealt mostly with King's Landing and its surroundings, and this novel started with the other parts of Martin's world catching up and I found that it became a little tiresome.

Other than that it's a great novel. You'll notice a great part of the novel is focused upon religion and all that circles around it. You'll read about Jon and the Wall, Daenerys, Cersei, My favourite little cat, also known as Arya of House Stark, Theon, Bran and all the others.
And with it's 1000+ pages, in the end you'll be sorry you've finished it. It ends with seriously health damaging cliffhangers, and I'm eagerly awaiting Winds of Winter. 

Not much of a review, I know. It's difficult to write a piece about a novel that depicts only a fragment of a story. It feels like I would have to tell about the wolf finding Red Riding Hood without ever coming to Granny's house. 
I hope you'll give these novels a chance because they are each and every one as good as it gets. 

Personal rating: 5 stars