Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review of Quicker Than The Eye

Quicker than the Eye, a collection of short stories by Rad Bradbury, author of Dandelion wine & Fahrenheit 451. I've read the latter, and thought it was good.
Quicker than the Eye features a bucketful of stories ranging from good to superb. There isn't one story I didn't like. That's saying a lot since I don't favour short story collections.

The way Bradbury writes is very compelling. He draws you in with some kind of boyhood charm, and tells a tale that's very much worth listening to.
My favourite story was 'Freeway', a story about what would happen to our old roads if we would only drive on the freeway. If there was a whole world beside commercial, work and social life only accessible through meandering roads.

A short story collection calls for a short review. If you like Ray Bradbury, don't hesitate to try your hands on this. And for those who finish the novel, you get a pleasant afterword where he explains how the ideas for these short stories come to mind. A good read, from beginning to end.

Personal rating: 3,5 stars