Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review of The Key to Midnight

Joanna Rand left the U.S. ten years ago to sing in a Japanese nightclub. Ever since, she's been plagued with nightmares of terror. There is only one man can help her -- Alex Hunter. Ten years ago he saw her picture in the papers -- as a senator's daughter who had disappeared. Now he has to bring her memories back to her, memories of a past more terrifying than they dreamed possible...(Goodreads)

There's more to the story than you think when you read this short description I've borrowed from Goodreads. It's a typical conspiracy novel which is not my first choice of novel, but I thought this was written well enough for me to 'suffer' until the ending. 
Let me be frank, I didn't suffer, it just was a bit too coincidental from time to time. I nevertheless enjoyed it. AND for once I didn't see the ending coming. Mostly I can smell the clou from way of, but the underlying thread in The Key to Midnight was very good. 

I've read a couple of Koontz novels, and haven't been blown away by them. He's got the tendency to spin the english a little too wildly, sometimes a little too sentimental. The afterword explained that he's written this novel under a pen name, Leigh Nichols and I'm certainly intrigued enough to read more of what he wrote under that alias. 

For lovers of intrigue and conspiracy theories I'd recommend it. 

Personal score: 3,5 stars