Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review of Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (An Aurora Teagarden mystery)

Deciding if she wants to go into real estate becomes a life-or-death choice for Aurora "Roe" Teagarden. A naked corpse is discovered at her first house showing. And when a second body is found in another house for sale, it becomes obvious that there is a very cool killer at large in Lawrenceton, one who knows a great deal about real estate-and maybe too much about Roe.(

The third installment of The Teagarden Mystery novels. If you have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels before trying your hand at this, you might find the first two a bit boringly decent. Aurora is a woman who wasn't had much romantic experience and is quite naive. Well, Charlaine Harris must have thought while writing this novel that it was time for Aurora to grow up because very suddenly a hot and juicy kind of relationship falls into her lap. In the beginning she's still dating the priest but when she meet Martin she falls head over heels. Instead of a harsh break-up the priest declares he's infertile, a young woman with a daughter comes to live in Lawrenceton and there's the end scene for the priest, let's all welcome Martin, ruthless and sexy Martin, an older man with the confidence they mostly come with. I'm not sure I'm buying into all this. Sure someone can change, but either you are on the prudent side or not, that doesn't change so easily, in my opinion.
Liking it or not, that's the background for our next mystery. A young woman murdered, soon followed by another young woman and the town is wondering why the killer chooses to kill in empty houses which are for sale. Aurora tries to unravel the mystery and eventually becomes a part off it.
Comparing it to the other two, it wasn't the worst and it wasn't the best, so it goes right there in the middle.

Rating: 6 out of 10