Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review of Broken Flower

First thoughts? Hmmmm... Not the Virginia Andrews I'm used to.

She was too grown up for childish game but too young to become a woman. 
Living with her parents and brother, Ian, in her Grandmother Emma's enormous mansion, Jordan March tries to be a good girl and follow her grandmother's strict rules. It's easy for Jordan to hide in the shadows  between Ian's brilliant, all-consuming talents for science and the ever-more-frequent arguments among the grown-ups. But one day, without warning, Jordan's body begins to change  and everyone notices her in a way that seems dark, dangerous, and threatening. Suddenly the March family secrets are unleashed, and Jordan is ashamed and afraid that her soft curves are unwelcome indeed. Shipped off to a lakeside hideaway, Jordan and Ian befriend a girl whose shocking revelations make for a summer of scandal and explosive emotion. Outraged, Grandmother Emma sets out to make Jordan pay for her family's past mistakes, sending her world spinning wildly out of control. . . (

Are you done reading this summary? This is what I read at the back of the book, but trust me... It's all a scam. The ghost writer pushing this through must never have had a Virginia Andrews novel in her hands. For instance the severity with which Emma punishes Jordan is almost laughible when you compare it to the Dawn-series or the Heaven-omnibus. That's shocking, this was boring and altogether a waste of my time.
Of course I've bought an omnibus and I've got second novel still waiting for me.. The best of Virginia Andrews has already been written.

Just to warn you.. Grandmother Emma isn't making Jordan pay for her family's mistakes. Not in this novel anyway. The next might clarify more, because you have no idea what kind of mistakes they're talking about. This novel is a major cliffhanger, followed by an anticlimax.

It's been a while since I've been so disappointed.

I'm giving this novel a 1 out of 10.