Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review of Dune

Dune is one of those classics that as a SF fanatic I reluctantly began to read because how often does it not happen that you aren't agreeing afterwards it's as good as everyone is saying it is.

Holding this book against the test of time, I must say that I've read more detailed and technically correct SciFi books, but none have the spirit Dune has.

I can compare it too Game Of Thrones, based on their emotional capability to pull you in as a reader and demand your attention. But as GoT wouldn't let go of it and is still nagging inside my brain for the next novel, wondering what will happen to some of the characters, I had no trouble laying Dune down. I read this novel very slowly for no apparent reason. It wasn't because I didn't like the story, because each chapter showed its own geniality and calculated emotion.

I suppose my tolerance level is higher than ten years ago. I've read so many good books over the last couple of years that when I'm reading what is a genuine great novel I can't give it the credit it deserves.

The story depicted in the novel is one of power, love and loss. The story that has been told for ages and will be told when all who live and breathe now have turned to ashes.

This time power comes in the form of Dukes and an emperor, in the way of claiming land and withholding freedom. Within you can find how love grows even in a barren wasteland as Arrakis, and how loss is being carried without shedding a single tear.
As I read the story I was witnessing the birth of a legend, a deity worthy of being called a god, but with human faults which lead to devastating results.

Dune, also known as Arrakis, is as much the scenery for this drama, as it is its instigator and accomplice. The people living on Arrakis long for change, the people thriving on Arrakis are afraid of that, which in the end brings everything to a mexican standdown.

I will read the next novel, because I am genuinely awed by this book, even if it took me ages to finish it. I still think it has been the most indepth SciFi novel I've read, maybe not HiTech but in its own way fantastic if you consider the fact that is has been written almost 50 years ago.

Definitely worth your time if you're into this kind of novel, and if you're not or you don't know yet, maybe consider giving it a try anyway.