Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Land That Time Forgot

A quicky, not much to say about this.

I was on holiday in Austria when I finished The Trial. I was flicking through my library I have on my e-reader, poised to read something more entertaining than The Trial had been, when I came across this.

I double checked if I could use it in my centennial challenge which I could, so I decided to give this a try.

Well, it's something else to get your mind around. The trial had been difficult because it handled a very ominous theme, but this was almost to surreal to even be categorized as fiction.

It's written in the well worn manner of a first person narrative telling you about his adventures, and in the end you don't  get the answer if happy ever after was ever achieved, but I didn't mind. I suspect I stopped thinking while reading this, it felt like watching a show on television you've heard about but aren't too excited about, but then again nothing else is on, so you endure and maybe even laugh a few times.

That pretty much sums it up.
It's isn't literature, it's just a writer going all the way and sharing his wild adventures.