Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Stir of Echoes

I've just finished reading this novel and boy oh boy, it was good.

This morning while we (me, hubby and kiddy) were driving to a local swimming pool, I had taken my e-reader so I could spend the half hour reading up because I'm lacking in time to do so. I was already halfway through the novel and thought I might get a few pages farther down the line if kiddy kept quiet in the car.
She did, sort of, and a little over halfway the novel suddenly reached a steep climb to its climactic event, which was quite a shock, even in a novel about clairvoyance.

The premise of the novel is a guy who perceives thought, feelings and images of the people around him after he lets himself be hypnotised at a next door neigbours' party. Afterwards he feels a little jumbled up inside and before we know it, his mind takes us on a trip during which we can't escape the terrible and embrace the good.

I've read only one novel of Richard Matheson before, which was I am Legend, and was pretty legend in my opinion.
Stir of echoes is scaled lower than I am Legend, not for its style or anything, but Legend is a masterpiece, while Stir of Echoes is a great horror story which deserves credit on a whole other scale. It would be like comparing apples and oranges. They're both fruit and they're round, but the comparison stops right there.

I'm compelled to watch the adaptation starring Kevin Bacon, but could it honestly portray the dismay and despair felt in this novel? I genuinely doubt that.

But maybe all this upper body tension serves enough to give it a go?

Just kidding, I got me all of that just where I need it  ^^

I'll leave with this and I'll be on to my next book (which I, as of yet, have no idea which one that will be)