Friday, August 14, 2015

Review of Frostbite

My fourth review in as many days. It must be a record for me, even in the days when I could spend all my time on books.
Still, pretty proud of myself..

But then again, Richelle Mead's second novel in the Vampire Academy series, isn't a hard pill to get through.
I enjoyed reading it, for multiple reasons.
First of all and most important of all, as much as I try to convince myself I'm too old to still care, I love anything with vampires. They may be a bit more bad ass than the vampires in Mead's novels, but it's still vampires, so I'm good.
Second, it's not a book that requires you to think, as it is with most YA novels that feature the supernatural. Sometimes it annoyed me that everything was spelled out and repeated several times and that the heroine has an romantical attention spam of five seconds once her object of attention is out of her side. But how were we ourselves, really?
The story line was obvious, and I figured out what was going to happen pretty soon, but let's say that's just my experience talking. It's not so easy trying to fool an avid reader.
But all in all, it's too hot in Belgium to think too much, and for that Frostbite gave me what I needed at the time I wanted it.

The story revolves around Rose Hathaway, a dhampir (a half human, half vampire breed to protect the live vampires) still in school to learn how to be a guardian. We follow her around school, going through her anxieties, guy trouble and even family trouble.
She's rebellious, quick to act but loyal to those she loves and needs to protect.
Her object of protection is Lissa, the last of a royal line of vampires, the Dragomir's. The story quickly takes action as Rose and her trainer stumble upon a massacre.
As it dawns on Rose that Lissa may be in more trouble than he thought, she desperately tries to hold it together while everything seems to change around her.
In the midst of that uncertainty she gets to know a very charismatic vampire, Adrian, who is as interested in her as he is in Lissa, for reasons you will have to find out for yourselves. I truly don't believe in spoilers, and as I've lifted the veil enough to make you intrigued, I'm going to call it quits.

There's probably not going to be a review tomorrow, because the novel I'm going to start in is a little more deeper and has a few more pages in it, but maybe the day after tomorrow.