Saturday, January 23, 2016


This was terrible.
A car wreck of a novel, no pun intended.

I've had my share of mediocre novels, I've even had a few stupid and boring ones, but I never had one that just disgusted me.
When I read the premise I thought I was starting in a novel subtly laced with eroticism in a dystopian future, where cars have been transferred from vehicles of transportation into vehicles of communication.

But what I got was road kill.
Safe to say I didn't finish. And wouldn't advise someone to read this.
It just read like a lot of noise.

I've seen the movie a few years back, which wasn't all too bad. Although I remember that its meaning was lost on me during. Maybe I wasn't sure the crashes were intentional or not. I mainly remember it to be a quite serene movie, where atmosphere acted as a catalyst for the characters.

And after reading what happens to the dashboard instrument panels, I'm glad I've mainly had new cars to drive.

My advice to myself..