Tuesday, January 19, 2016

De Kraamhulp

I've got a little problem here.
When I started this blog, I chose to publish it in English, because I mainly read my books in that language, even though it's not my native tongue.
I might have explained that somewhere already.

But, once in a while, I'm getting across a novel that hasn't been translated yet. A dutch novel, to be precise, that hasn't been translated into English.
De Kraamhulp (loosely translated as Maternity Assistant) is one of those novels.

Esther Verhoef is a well known dutch novelist, praised for her psychological novels and thrillers. She's from Holland to be precise which would make her my nothern neighbour, sort of.

I don't care much for dutch literature and I'm sad to say that this novel in particular has shown me why that is.
I haven't read much of it, so it can be that it gets better further along, but I'm not wasting a single second waiting for that to happen.
In my opinion, the premise of the novel and how you get introduced to the characters, show that not many people appraise a novel as I do if she is ranked among the best selling authors in Holland.
It might sound a little arrogant, but I can say that this comes from at least 25 years experience.

The subject of this novel is food for a thursday night movie, one of those movies that didn't quite make it to the big screen and is filled with the kind of actors you think look kinda familiar.

A woman is hired to help a young family with the care of their newborn. The mother is bedridden and the father distracted. It seems that they have relationship issues, or the woman is just very insecure with the new situation and is overreacting.
The hired help is psychotic from the very beginning. The author ripped that band aid of immediately.
Then, on top of that, there's a police officer, investigating the death of her brother, which happened to be the husband of beforementioned hired help. Although her brother fell from stairs, she's suspecting foul play.
Of course that brother was filthy rich and the hired help inherited all the money.

Sound kind of familiar?
So, it's not even a very innovative idea.

It's the first I didn't finish in 2016. Always hoping it's the last.
At least it didn't take me long to figure out I wasn't going to like it.