Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I've got an issue with my blog.
It's not what I want anymore.

See, I like to read books, a lot of books, multiple books at a time and whenever I can find the time.
And I like to give my thoughts about those novels that I carefully pick (grossly overrated) which is where this blog comes in handy.


I also have a Goodreads account which I use frequently and where I post slightly altered reviews of those I post here. Since Goodreads is pretty much about reviews and the whole of a reader's community I find my blog lacking.

I've had it for a while and I'm not planning on giving it up. Even if no one reads it, or comments on it, it's still like my little place where I can tell anyone who's interested how I feel. (That sounds a little more self-centered than I like, but meh..)
I'm going to revamp this whole ordeal.
It will still be about reviews, but just not all about reviews.
When I was younger, since I was 10 and my mother gave me my first diary, I was obsessed with writing everything down on paper what happened to me. I quit doing this about the time I got married, things got a little monotonous back then and honestly you don't want to read years later about those fights you want to forget. A flashback from when I was 14 is way more fun than when I was 24.
Which brings me back to the topic of this blog.
It will be a little like a literary journal, a diary of some sort.
Not one where I'll fill the pages with the boys I like and which I don't. I've outgrown that phase quite some time ago. ^^

Like I said before, it will be like a literary journal, where I can ramble about a certain quote I've read, where I can philosophise about the world I'm currently visiting, but mostly where I can tell you how I feel reading what I read and writing what I write (yes, like most avid readers, I'm a little of an amateuristic writer - nothing published, alas).
While reviews are great to do, they sometimes feel difficult since the feeling while I was reading the particular book has already faded a little when I start my review. It lacks the emotion of being fully submerged.


(It might be that I'm talking to myself here, but that a sign of genius, isn't it.)

Please leave a comment if you like it.
Or not.
Or don't leave anything at all.
Just be a fan.