Friday, March 4, 2016

Fifty Shades Freed (review)

I finally finished the illicit trilogy and what a ride it was.
If you've read the reviews of the two books preceding 50 Shades Freed then I have little new to say.

The pages of this book are stilled filled with mind numbing conversation, spiced up with elaborately described sex scenes and a female behavior I'd be ashamed for.

Christian and Ana are married now and continue for the length of this novel to call each other Mr and Mrs Grey. (annoying as hell!)
Of course he's still a control freak who overreacts at every little thing.
Of course she's still overwhelmed by him, but doesn't seem to notice that she defies him at every point possible.
Of course they fight and have sex and fight some more only to pause for a little sex.

And they got the good ending, of course.
(which is a major spoiler, I know, but what did you expect?)

At the end of the novel  you're rewarded with a few chapter of the latest book in this universe. Grey.
Well, it reminds me a little of a project Stephenie Meyer almost undertook (Twilight seen through Edward's eyes).
It probably won't make my reading list, but hell I might cave and read it anyway.