Saturday, April 16, 2016

Moriarty (A Review)

Anthony Horowitz has been a childhood hero for me.
I've always been an avid reader and since I was very young I had a knack for the weird and scary tales.

Horowitz was one of my favourite writers because he wrote a different kind of novels. The Sinister Secret of Frederick K. Bower, Groosham Grange, The Falcon's Malteser, Public Enemy Number Two to name a few of those children's novels who enticed my thirst for the mystic and unknown.

When I saw his name appear in the 'New Books' case at my local library, I was thrilled.
Reading the back cover I was a little disappointed. It was going to be a detective novel, which I can honestly say isn't my cup of tea.
But still, it was Horowitz. I had to give my hero the benefit of the doubt.

Moriarty, is actually a follow-up novel, but can be read as a standalone. Probably a spoiler or two for the first one (The House of Silk), but I didn't mind.

We follow two detectives, one employed by Scotland Yard and the other employed by Pinkerton's, a detective agency located in America.
The two fella's meet because of the same mastermind criminal, professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' nemesis.
Yes, this is a tribute to Sherlock Holmes, but the idiot savante himself isn't participating in this story.
Instead we get to follow a Holmes wannabe try to solve the rise of a new criminal mastermind, Clarence Devereux.

Most of the wonderful deduction that makes Sherlock Holmes a legend, is present in this novel, be it a little tuned down.
But it has the most astonishing ending.
I loved it. It was like a punch to the face. Very unexpected.
It's a detective novel that doesn't read like one and I enjoyed it a lot.

I'm going to try The House of Silk when I can get my hands on it and I've read he's going to write the next James Bond novel as well Trigger Mortis. 
Already loving the title ^^

Horowitz, you delivered again, although I would like to see you try out the obscure and mystic once again. I bet it would be to die for.