Monday, June 20, 2016

Spirit Bound

by Richelle Mead.

Yup, Vampire Academy again..

Spirit Bound is the fifth novel in the Vampire Academy franchise. The story that began has begun four novels ago, continues in this one.

Still a world filled with Moroi (nice vampires) and Strigoi (not so nice vampires), guarded by dhampirs (result of humans and Moroi having a good time) and secluded from the rest of the world.
As if that could happen in this day and age..

Our loved heroin, Rose, is once again back at court with her friend Lissa and their entourage. School has ended and now their future hangs in the balance. Rose has become a guardian, but it is still unsure of who she's going to guard. Lissa is just excited to go to college.

But before all that can happen they take on what seems an impossible task to prove a rumor false or true. Can a Strigoi be turned human again?

This novel turns on this balance, with surprising results. Rose should've been careful what she wished for.

Beside the main story line, we do get our handful of little hints and tricks pointing to a greater evil lurking behind the curtain. But it's only breadcrumbs.

As for the people inhabiting this story, Adrian is once again there. As well as Eddie, Mia, Rose's father, Christian and Dimitri.
We also get to know a few new characters, like guardian Mikhail, Adrian's mother Danielle and Hans.

The pacing is fairly quick, but it doesn't span as much ground as I would've liked. As with the other novels a lot of time goes into reflection and action, and rinse repeat rinse repeat.. I found it more irritating this time, since Rose has grown up since the last novel. Now it seemed like that coming of age has all been for nothing. She's still impulsive and acting before thinking, getting her in all sorts of trouble.
Very bad kind of trouble, which sets off the divine intervention. She seems to be as slippery as an eel, because even though she gets reprimanded and punished, she never gets the worst of it. Although she always thinks she's being treated unfairly..

Well, without giving anything away, I do wonder how she will get out of the pickle she got herself in right at the end of the novel..

Only one novel left.. one and a half to be precise.
And then on to something more mature maybe.. or not..