Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Dark Matter

No, no, no..
I can't read any further, even if that goes against every grain in my body.. I just can't.
I've finished about 15%, which is about 50 pages of this novel which I thought might have been good. Peter Straub is the one who wrote The Talisman and Black House together with Stephen King and those are two of my favorite fantasy novels.

I hate to be disappointed at this, because I don't want to not like a book.
It makes me feel like I'm doing the writer an injustice, not even able to finish it. Compare it to going out for dinner. It may be as bland or overcooked as hell, you'll still nod when the waiter asks if it's okay, because you know that not every dish can be perfect, even for professional cooks.
So, maybe that's true for writers as well. I've been disappointed in Stephen King also. His latest work hasn't been up to par to what he brought forth in the 80's and 90's. But with him I sense the perfect genetic framework being passed over to his son Joe Hill.

Of course comparing a dish to a novel, is ludicrous. If a cook could spend 6 to 12 month making something worth eating, I think it might be the best damn thing he made.
A Dark Matter is a great example of how my first book would be. Pretty messed up. Not something you'd like to date, maybe not even being seen with.
It's messy, chaotic, repetitive, incoherent, repetitive and a little awkward.
Saddest part is that I think that the core of the novel may be pretty good. A bunch of youngsters in thrall with a cult leader, experiencing some heavy shit that pretty much derails their whole life.
But the narrator is an ass, a jealous, petty man who I wouldn't buy a book from if my life depended on it. Oh yes, the narrator is a writer, that can't narrate for shit.
He pretty much missed the boat all together.

I'm going to sit this one out, and wait for the next one.