Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hell House

If you like ghost stories, this might be a story you'd like.
I've read a number of novels by Richard Matheson, where he has had me equally awed and apalled, but this one never hit home in either ballpark.

The story it quite simple.
Four people are investigating the haunting of a peculiar house with a very peculiar and violent history.
Each of them has their own notion of what is causing the phenomena recorded already in the house and are hired to set the house free from any wandering spirits and the like.

Lionel Barret and his wife Edith, are the scientific approach. Barret is convinced that the phenomena are caused by lingering electro-magnetic residue of those departed inside the house and he has brought a mammoth machine to erase it once and for all.

Florence (I forgot her last name) and Fischer are medium, so viewing this house from an alltogether point of view.

It's safe to state that both sides clash and that it causes a lot of events around them to be misinterpret.

It's an entertaining story, maybe a bit too long. It has a good balance between descriptive and active parts, it even being a bit raunchy at time. The ending wasn't as good as the rest, but that's just my opinion.
Overall I enjoyed it.