Sunday, September 30, 2018


I bought this novel a few years back at a book outlet and it's not until I came home that I realized it was the second installment of a popular series.

The first one, Gone, which I've read a couple of years ago, gives you the gist of what this novel is about. In short, there's been an accident at the main power plant, a nuclear power plant which causes everyone over 15 to disappear and to form a kind of barrier in a 20 mile radius around the plant.

While in Gone the children try to make sense of what happens, Hunger goes further.
By now everyone is hungry and food is running low.
Above that, mutations are manifesting that are not to be meddled with. As with the children, more and more are developing powers.
All this against a backdrop of a vicious 'thing' that hungry as well, makes for a quickpaced and well written story.

I enjoyed it while it lasts, even though I could see some things happening from afar. I'm not judging, I'm clearly not the intended audience. I would've liked this novel when I was of an early high school age and I'm sure that my daughter would like them too when she's a bit older.