Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Devil and Miss Prym

This was a short one. I've got not so much to say about it.

The story centers around a community of a remote village where life seems to seep slowly away. Everyone says that life there is perfect, but they all think they want to get away as soon as possible, lured to the possibilities of the big cities where their children have disappeared to.

When a stranger arrives in the village, bearing a dreadful message, life in their village is stirred into motion. He has a proposition that burdens everyone with having to show their colours.
Miss Prym is one of the villagers, seeking a way out, who is the first to know of the strangers' news.
At first she seems a mere victim to his plan, but as the story unfolds it seems that Miss Prym pulls more strings than you'd suspect.

It's an entertaining short story, although it doesn't move heaven and earth (or heaven and hell might be a better pun ^^).

The first one of 2019 is read, still 79 to go..