Monday, January 23, 2012

Review of Vampire Academy

First published in 2007.
Page count: 332 pages.
Personal rating: 3/5

In short

Vampires. Good vampires studying at a school, the academy mentioned in the title, whilst their future guardians are being trained in protecting them from the bad vampires.
Our heroine enters the picture when she and her best friend, Lissa, are being hauled back to the academy after they ran away for a reason not immediately explained.
Whilst they find their way in the social scene again, events happen around them to think being back might be as bad as they tried to tell.

My two cents

This novel brings in a theme of bad versus good vampires and creates a world where the good vampires need protecting.
Being a good vampire comes with magic and a slight tolerance for light, while being bad you are just plain evil and the sun will kill you (as the more common vampire).
A nice angle, but it isn't as refreshing as I thought it would be.
I liked the main character though, Rose Hathaway is my kind of girl, a reckless, sexy girl who knows the power she has over the opposite sex, but still innocent enough to be scared of her own powers.
The story line was a bit predictable, I had pinpointed the doer a long time before everything got unraveled, but it entertained me and sometimes that's enough.