Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review of Losing You

Losing you is about a mother who's lost a child. They are supposed to take a trip to Florida to spend the holidays there, but when they are supposed to be leaving, her eldest daughter is nowhere to be found. It's the beginning of a frantic search on the little island they live on, and a desperate attempt for the authorities to believe the severity of her daughters absence.

I've finished this novel a while ago, postponing my review. Not entirely deliberate, life is sometimes too hectic for one person to deal with. Although this novel wasn't all that fantastic to begin with.
I've loved the novels of Nicci French while growing up, but found myself lacking depth in them as I'm getting older. It's like watching those movies you watched over and over again when you were little and you just can't understand why you loved them so back then because you're only thinking about what a silly movie it is.

Not even nostalgia can save this novel. I finished it because I have this rule that if I buy a book, instead of loaning one, I have to finish it. Getting value for money, sort of speak. I know it's a rule that cuts both ways, because not only have I lost money on it, I lose my precious time as well. Maybe lose the rule and sell the book. WIN-WIN.

I'm not sure I'll buy a book of Nicci French any time soon. The psychology behind their novels seems a little empty when you've read far better. Nicci French is an excellent author for unexperienced readers as for as I'm concerned. But maybe it's because I've outgrown the thriller genre. It can barely hold my attention, especially when I can sense the plot from miles away.