Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review of Touch The Dark

Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits—talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead. The ghosts of the dead aren’t usually dangerous; they just like to talk…a lot.

The undead are another matter.

Like any sensible girl, Cassie tries to avoid vampires. But when the bloodsucking mafioso she escaped three years ago finds Cassie again with vengeance on his mind, she’s forced to turn to the vampire Senate for protection.

The undead senators won’t help her for nothing, and Cassie finds herself working with one of their most powerful members, a dangerously seductive master vampire—and the price he demands may be more than Cassie is willing to pay.... (Goodreads)

Yet another vampire related novel. My husband really doesn't see what all the fuss is about, with women and vampires. I'm not sure why I keep reading such novels and love to watch vampire movies. I guess it has got to do something with the raw sexual energy that always seems to emanate from it.
Well, but I have grown since I first began to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Maybe I'm stepping on some toes when I tell you that I don't like the True Blood series, there's nothing good about it, it only shows how television series have become detriment lately. I find it a little sad how sex seems to sell everything these days.
I still love the underlying tension that comes with reading or watching something vampire-related, but I can see the funny side of it more often than not.
Like in this novel, every vampire seems to be dressed in something silky and clinging to their body. I don't know about you, but I consider men who are dressed like that probably gay. I like my men, or more specifically my husband, either sexy rugged or sexy suited up, but not silky to the touch. That's just wrong and a bit too much feminine.
In the beginning of the novel Cassie claims that when humans are turned, they don't automatically get their good looks like 'in the movies', but somehow that doesn't seem to count for the vampires surrounding her. One by one they are fit to be models and seem to be wanting her, if she would only let them.
And have I told you she's a virgin still? Right.
To tell this story in a nutshell...
Cassie is a girl whose got a gift, but one she doesn't understand completely herself. Vampires have sought her out all her life and now they need her to rescue them from an attack. She thinks they got the wrong one and is dead set on escaping them. Through a few action packed scenes she realises that she can do what they want her to do and through some coercion she does what the senate of vampires want. Mingled in there are trust issues, but still confident to stand up against them and despite being a virgin with absolutely no experience she manages to ward off a powerful vampire having sex with her by pleasing him otherwise.
In the end she evolves into something more powerful and is yet on the run from the vampires.

Well, apart from these recurrent themes in this kind of proze, I did enjoy the novel on a hormone based level. It wasn't bad reading, but I didnt feel enlightened and don't think I will remember much of it if you ask me two years from now.

Personal rating: 3 stars