Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review of Real Murders (An Aurora Teagarden mystery)

Though a small town at heart, Lawrenceton, Georgia, has its dark side-and crime buffs. One of whom is librarian Aurora "Roe" Teagarden, a member of the Real Murders Club, which meets once a month to analyze famous cases. It's a harmless pastime-until the night she finds a member killed in a manner that eerily resembles the crime the club was about to discuss. And as other brutal "copycat" killings follow, Roe will have to uncover the person behind the terrifying game, one that casts all the members of Real Murders, herself included, as prime suspects-or potential victims.(

This isn't what you call high end literature, and in my opinion not all books written should be. After reading fairly heavy novels, I was ready for something lighthearted and I chose this.
I've read Charlaine Harris before, meaning the True Blood series. Almost every one. I like the novels better than I like the adaption running on the tv.
This is written before that, and you notice it in the style. It's written very matter of factly, not really getting deeper into the main character's personality. She stays a little flat. As for the other characters, there wasn't a single one I thought stood out more than the others.
The storyline is quickpaced but there's nothing much to it. Simply said, murders happens, 'Roe' Teagarden happens to be somewhere around when they discover the bodies and gets sucked in at the end. She never goes out investigating those murders, she's just an innocent bystander, a little on the pathetic side.
I'm not sure which target audience Charlaine Harris had in mind, but I think 10 to 12year olds would love to read this even if they don't know everything mentioned in the book. Even for hormone filled teenagers, this is a little too mellow.
All together it was a quick read and I'm going to read the others as well. It's much like a tv show, you might not identify with the characters, but you still want to know what happens to them.

Personal rating: 5 out of 10.