Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review of Dead over Heels (An Aurora Teagarden Mystery)

I know I've said I wouldn't read more of Aurora Teagarden, but this is just one aspect of the OCD I'm suffering from. I just have to continue. I have read too many of them already, so I just have to read them all. It's really sad, but I can't help my compulsive need.

On the upside, I'm almost through with them. I'm lucky they aren't thick books, (why do you think I held off so long beginning to read the game of thrones series, If that had been a disappointment I was in for a long stretch).
Also, I usually mix two books, so when I'm fed up with this southern lady I just dig a little deeper into a southern vampire novel (and no, not the Sookie Stackhouse series!, although I did like those)

I won't bother with a summary from Goodreads. It's pretty straightforward. While Roe and Angel are working in the yard a body falls down from the sky. It isn't just anybody, but the feared police detective Jack Burns. Why has Burns been dropped there? Who killed him? Soon Roe finds out he hasn't been dropped in her yard randomly. 

While you get to plow through every southern convention there is, and let me tell you, they don't differ from the ones in the previous installments. We get to know Roe's daily routine, up until the clothes she wears, what color rims she has on (not really noteworthy) and how many times she has passionate sex with her husband, all the while she stumbles through the novel thinking someone else is the key to the story, while all this time she herself seems to be the reason for every hickup in this novel. I would like to see this Roe in real life, because from a timid librarian she must be magically transformed into some kind of vamp. See how money can make you pretty!
I didn't like it much this novel, but it's finished, it's in the past.. I got through it and that's a positive thing.

Rating: 5 out of 10