Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review of A Fool and his Honey (An Aurora Teagarden Mystery)

I'm on a roll here. Reviewing two bad books in one sitting. Although I'm being harsh. 'A Fool and his Honey' was actually not quite bad compared to the others. The plot outline was really farfetched, but the way to the end seemed more straightforward instead of all the daily life encounters I really am bored with. I'm getting to know Roe's life way better than some of my friends.

In this novel, Roe gets a visit from a cousin of her husband. This cousin, Regina, has a baby who no one knew she expected, so everyone is a little confused in the beginning. Then, as Roe and her husband come back from a dinner party, they find their cousin gone, her husband murdered and her child lying hidden under the bed. These are the ingredients for yet another exiting mystery (I say with a deep sigh).

For as the previous novels tended to be a bit tedious, this one gets down to the point really fast and you get answers quicker than you'd expect. Of course it's something plucked out of the blue, with as much possibility of it really happening as you would see a pig fly. So definitely points for originality. Of course this is still Roe we're talking about. Her life hasn't become any interesting as of yet, although the writer seems to have gained confidence in writing the sex scenes between Roe and Martin. Nothing explicit, but very translucent and completely unnecessary.
Being infertile and having to take care of a baby, I know I would react differently. Roe is reacting to this baby as I am reacting to the novels. Tedious but unavoidable.
Even in the end as Martin disappears from the stage you don't get the emotional pit fall you'd expect. A very emotionless book, I might say.

Rating: 6 out of 10.