Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review of The God of Small Things

I'm sorry but I just couldn't finish this novel.
I really gave it an effort but I felt I was trudging through mud, leaving me annoyed and angry and already longing for the next book on my shelf.

Why couldn't I finish this one?
You can't blame the writing. It's phenomenal, almost poetic in some way, but the books feels more about the words than the story. (I have made a similar remark in Clockwork Orange, but in that book the violence was a strong enough offset to counter the prose). The theme of guilt in The God of Small Things isn't strong enough to hold my attention.
I'm about halfway and with this I give up.

This is not my kind of novel. Give me a good story written in simple words, rather than turning the same point over and over again in a stylished way.

It's a DBA (death before arrival).