Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review of Insurgent

I loved it!
I loved it more than Divergent.

Insurgent gave depth to the world Tris Prior lives in. It gave depth to her personality. It explained the ending of Divergent. It explained the ongoing restlessness in the factions.

Insurgent begins where Divergent ends. Tris and her friends seeking refuge after succesfully ending the simulation which controlled the attack on Abnegation.
In the aftermath half of Dauntless choose Erudite's side, the others side with Candor first and after they're made scared of Erudite, they side together with the factionless which are led by Tobias' mom.

Not much is being said of the factionless, just that it is stronger than the factions believe and they have a lot divergents among them.
The novel opens and ends with Tris. She suffers from having to shoot Will, a good friend, and isn't able to defend herself properly. Also losing both her parents she unconsciously sets out to be killed herself, by jumping into life-risking missions. She and Tobias grow apart, as each of them keeps secrets for the others.

Insurgent is a realistic take on how a sixteen year old would feel after she has murdered a friend, and seen her parents get killed. She tries to be strong, knowing she needs help but thinking she doesn't deserve it.

Insurgent ends with a sudden twist. I wonder how the last installment will go on from here. I won't be telling any spoilers, but it's a touch fact to introduce to a novel without it getting to depressing.

Insurgent was written for the younger audience. The language rolled easily of the tongue. The sentences were short, funny sometimes, drought with much meaning at other occasions. Tris makes a believable character, Tobias not so much, but that could be because we see him only through Tris' eyes and love will make you blind.

I'll be lending out Allegiant next time I'm going to the library.

I'm giving Insurgent 7,5 out of 10.