Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hitchhikers' guide to the universe #1: The Review or what I thought of it.

Well, I've finally tried my hands on what most of the readers in our universe are saying is a terrific, mindblowing and funny book.

I feel like I have to be careful sharing my thoughts on this novel.
You get a sense of the general direction I'm headed? Well, first this little piece of advice

Got that down?

Well, if you flip open the Hitchhikers guide you'll find that earthlings are more than mostly harmless.
They tend to have various opinions on the same subject which can even cause wars and death and mayhem, but in this case can only result in a few haters, but I've gotten use to that. I'm still going on though.
It's definitely not getting me down.

I wasn't impressed with the novel. It's happened before that I'm tentative in reading an appraised novel, because I'm so damned hard to please and I don't want yet another book torn down from its pedestal. Some survive, others are a big disappointment. HHTTG is something in between.
It did nothing for me. It didn't made me laugh, it didn't made me cry or feel happy or be miserable. It felt like I was watching a comedy on tv, one I wasn't going to watch again.

I understand that I'm maybe not evolved enough to understand the humor of this book and that millions of years of added evolution will make me appreciate it more, but I guess I'm just a monkey who learned to talk and HHTTG isn't yet compatible with the limits of my mind.

For those who haven't read it and who suffered through my review a few words expanding of what this novel is all about. I warn thee, mucho spoilers ahead!!

We are not alone in the universe. We are run by mice. Earth gets destroyed. We tag along on different spaceships and all events happening are highly impropable. The adventure doesn't end at the last page, we're being splattered over different volumes. Last of all.. if you have a philosophic bone in you:

You just need to invent the all important question.  And guess what? You're on the exact right planet to do so.

Toedels and please don't hate me for having done this!