Monday, January 26, 2015

Review of The Minority Report

You may already know what I will tell, in that case none of it will be a surprise.
Isn't that a shame, really?

My first by Philip K. Dick, and what an introduction!

The story, as most of us already know of course from the blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, revolves around a system of Precrime where crimes are predicted and the culprits are being arrested and detained beforehand so the crime never happens.

Pretty awesome, right?
But look at it from this perspective. Let's say someone tells you you're going to kill someone next week, someone you don't even know. What would your response be? Would you meekly along and be imprisoned for something you haven't even done yet?

I don't think so.
Well, in this novel Philip K. Dick pulls you to either side of this argument and you'll be confused by the time you end this short story.

It's about a futuristic view on justice, but also about conspiracy and doing what needs to be done to protect what you believe in, which is of all times, isn't it?

Well, I found it a very progressive read. To the point, quick and quirky. I loved it and it's making me want more.
Maybe the fact that it's so short and concissive is what attracted me to the story in the first place? Who knows, I just think that Philip might have a new member to add to his parade.

It's even making me decide to chose another Sci-Fi book again. Third in a row.