Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The A.B.C. Murders (A Hercule Poirot Mystery)

As I'm not advancing in The Sorrow Of Belgium, which is a marvellous book so far, but it's one to keep your head at and it seems I'm mostly too tired to focus much on what I'm reading.

That's why I read the novel I'm about to discuss a little. Detective novels aren't my thing, to say the least we kind of go our seperate ways. I see why people read them and why they love reading them, but I don't just don't. It's the same with the television shows, the only reason I used to watch CSI Miami was for hilarious Horatio and that's it. But enough on my personal taste.. 

I did read this novel by Agatha Christie, one of the most accomplished closed room mystery writers. In that aspect the ABC Murders was an exception since it follows the makings of a murderous lunatic who kills according the alphabet. Poirot is baffled to be adressed by this fiend and sets out to find this man and stop his killing. 
As I'm being careful to not spoil to much for future readers, in the end you still get that Agatha Christie flair most of her fans will love and I must say it's not bad Hercule Poirot is supposed to be Belgian, even if it's not from the flemish speaking part. I still feel proud when my country is named in an international novel. 

I admit, I was tentative at first, picking this novel because of my centennial challenge, but I wasn't disappointed. The ABC Murders gave me a clean, fresh and almost crisp story, considering it's almost 80 years old. Definitely one you should try, even when it's not your style. It is never a bad thing to break routine once in a while.