Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Killer Inside Me

Another one for my challenge and another one from the 1001 Books You Need To Read Before You Die.

Other than that I don't have much to say for this novel. It wasn't terribly exciting, or enjoying, it was mainly the 'evil' protagonist talking about himself and how he gets away with killing people and how smart he thinks he is.

He tries to psycho-analyze himself, describing his past and present in a way someone would talk of someone else, but it is devoid of emotion. He kills, not out of passion, not out of necessity (although he talks himself into it that it needs to be done) but out of sheer wanting to kill.

In the end he gives a very circumstantial reason for being how he is, which basically sums up that it isn't his own fault but his father screwed him over. Don't get me wrong, his father didn't literally do that, it's not that kind of book.

The lack of emotion in what should be very turmulous times, is what I find most negative about this novel. It's probably the writer's intention.
Also the direct approach where he tells us to be patient and that he will tell how it happened but that he just isn't ready for it, again screams psycho-analyses.

Nope, it wasn't my kind of book. I reckon I'm spoilt already. I have seen too much violence to be shocked by this novel, which brings me to its biggest advantage and that's it's a quite thin. It's a fairly quick read which made me finish it. If it had been an infinitesimal bit longer, it would have ranked amongst my 'never finished'.

Recommended for people who aren't me.