Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fifty Shades Darker

Can I ask you a question?
(said question is asked)
Offended Grey.
Very visual and electrifying sex scene.
And repeat..

I'm not being overly harsh on this novel, when I inform you that this is pretty much two thirds of the novel.

Not that you mind much, because you know what you are getting into when reading this novel. You don't expect high end literature, you don't expect to think, there's no need to feel engaged in their life, this novel is purely based on satisfying the carnal needs of its readers, happy ending included.

The story picks up where 50 Shades of Grey left us.
The infamous couple is broken up and already undernourished Ana is starving herself further..
but do not panic. It's doesn't take long for them to reunite and kindle their passion once again, leaving the reader sometimes breathless in the process.
Ana is getting to know the elusive Christian Grey better, but the process is long and painful - this time for the reader, instead of Ana. I think I'd need the safeword when bound and gagged and forced to listen to this novel being read aloud without its sexual scene.
But, luckily in the end EL James turns of her repeat button and I was surprised to be pulled in the story. Of course the happy ever after leaves much to ponder and the very last page is, once again, a very obvious lure into the third novel.

Sweety, if one already turned to this novel after reading the first, I don't think any incentive is needed to read the third novel.

But the story line and narration aside, I enjoyed reading this novel, largely due to its sex scenes.
Where she lacks empathy and realism in the relationship between Ana and Grey, she seems uncanny in painting very vivid and spine-tingling sexual encounters.
And that's what's good about 50 Shades Darker. 
Nothing more, nothing less.