Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shadow Kiss (Review)

I wish I had been the one to write this story.
It might have been a little more hot and a little more grown up, without the obvious moral lessons. Don't they see what an easy choice it is, to kill one of the lovers right after they finally give in to their love?

Not that I'm a badass writer or anything. Nothing I've begun to write has ever been finished, apart from a few short stories which aren't all too wonderful either. I'm not even being overly pessimistic, I'm just realistic. No publishing material in sight where I'm concerned.

Still, I'm pretty positive I could've written a story like Shadow Kiss, just like I'm positive I could've painted a picture like Van Doesburg:

But I didn't and copying something doesn't make it art.

Shadow Kiss isn't particularly well written and lacked a little emotion, but it still got the job done of wanting to know how it ended.
Since I already started in novel number four Blood Promise, I'd say job well done. That's all a writer wants, to have her stories read.

But why so chaste?
It's a world where life and death is so intermingled, that I'm wondering why Rose and Dimitri are so innocent.
Yes, in the end they do get together, and hence my remark in the beginning.
I get that they want Rose to have a strong personality, to be levelheaded and be anything the average modern teenager is not. She's still a teenager and it would've been more real if she showed it a little more.

But we get what we get, and it's an empty shell of actions.
Anger is a valuable emotion, but you can't write a book about it and expect it to be enough to get your readers to get involved. No one stays mad for that long, not the anger Rose is feeling.
So, I would've changed a little in her behavior. Make her falter a little towards Adrian maybe, since she's a teenager and Dimitri's not readily answering her feelings.
She should've been more insecure and make bad decisions.
But she didn't, although, she consistently tells us she does.

And I know I'm talking from a perspective this book isn't intended for and maybe I wouldn't like my daughter to read this novel if it was me who had written it with all the things stupid teenagers or adults do sometimes. So, in that regard, Richelle Mead didn't do to bad.

For me, this was not enough emotion.