Friday, June 3, 2016

Blood Promise (Review)

Yep, already finished.
Blood Promise is the fourth installment of the Vampire Academy novels which is a little guilty pleasure I have.
The thing with vampires goes way back, all the way to our beloved Buffy and Angel. Not sure what so appealing about creatures of the night doing this thing with your neck..

Blood Promise continues with Rose Hathaway’s search for Dimitri. The love she lost when battling Strigoi (undead vampires). She heard he got turned Strigoi and decides to end his life as he had wished when they talked worst case scenarios.
She goes all the way to Siberia where she meets his family who take her in as if she was one of their own. They grief him together, but Rose is pushed forward towards an end which she isn’t sure of she will survive. When she and Dimitri meet again, events take a surprising turn.
In the meantime, Lissa, Rose’s best friend, bondmate and moroi (living vampire), is struggling herself. She blames herself for Rose leaving and falls in with a bad crowd. She struggles to keep on top of it and in the end gets help from an unexpected corner.

This novel was a breeze to finish. Everything I ranted about that was wrong with the previous novel, was clearly set right with this one. Actually, it diminishes Shadow Kiss more, because now that one feels like a very elaborate intro to Blood Promise. That shouldn’t have happened. I think those two novels would have been best if they were combined into one novel and both edited a little bit tighter. But mo’ books, mo’ money, right?

Still, Rose is growing up and she proves it by making better and better choices. If she can now get herself to stop thinking she won’t love again, that’d be great.
She’s already feeling fuzzy all over when Adrian gets close. I sense a little brickwork has been laid (no pun intended) for the next instalment, because what’s a vampire story without a little romantic seasoning.