Friday, February 24, 2012

The Scarlet Letter

First published in 1850.
Personal rating: I didn't finish
Page count: 228 pages

In short
The Scarlet Letter is about a woman being punished for having had an affair and becoming pregnant because of it.
In a puritan town, she is made to wear a red scarlet A on the bosom of her dress so she and all around her keep being reminded of her crime.
While she is being publicly punished, the man in question is going through the motions quietly but not less harshly and the wronged husband is trying to find out who the culprit is.
And behind all that guilt and scheming, there is a little girl trying to grow up.

My two cents
Not so long ago, I saw a movie (Scary stupid love) in which one of the characters responds to her son having to read the scarlet letter for a school assignment: 'I would've thought someone had written something better by now.'

I had just begun in this novel, and I'm not easily scared, but I should've taken the warning.
Damn, this is a boring book. I don't cuss a lot, but I just need to express how excrutiatingly bad I found it. I managed to read just over half of the book, but I regret doing so because I could've spend that time on another possibly better book.
I've never had a book where I read whole pages and couldn't remember what I had read just after finishing it so many times as with this novel.

Sorry, but not impressed, not in the least. I feel like I'm in the right for asking my money back.


  1. Really? I thought this book was brilliantly written and with good humour. It is not about just a woman shamed in public its about the public view on love and female virtue. It is one of the better American novels and reveals the spirit and Nature of America. The Scarlet Letter is the stereotyping that society does and the internalization of that stereotyping. Instead of seeing her as a young woman wrongfully married and left alone by her own husband she is seen as something dirty. So the girl falls in love, who hasnt made a mistake in their life, but the real story is not her but the lense through which everyone else views her. Everybody has skeletons and everyone at one point or another carries the scarlet letter on their breast. I thought it was brilliantly written, and Hawthorne writes with very dry charming wit, if you cannot sit through it maybe you should pick up some of the more popular junk that has come out lately and leave the classics to the pros.

    1. Either you're very young, or you don't have much people skills. Books leave opinions and those opinions rarely match. Some like this novel, others like me don't.
      It doesn't reflect my reading habits. I read the classics, which most are outstanding, I read contemporary and I read the 'junk' you've mentioned.

      So thanks for stating your opinion, but the last line tells me you've yet to be growing your first pubic hair. Go troll somewhere else!